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Jul. 29th, 2014


I feel like I'm having a panic attack, but one assumes you don't blog during those. I'm hyper, angry, numb in places...confused?

One door opens; another closes.

It seems all the closing are happening on this end. Just today, I thought healing was happening . . . Now this. And this is removed from her. Her only role is advice: give up hope.

I know she meant hope in us, but she didn't understand I have to apply it to all things.

The diary of simon morrow

Jun. 8th, 2014

Easy Budget

The group at GnomeStew.com recently released a new book "Unframed," which deals with spur of the moment gaming. Improv gaming happens no matter what you do. It's true. I was excited about the release as it was written mostly by designers I respect. Today, I set down to buy it and opted to read the 10 page review first.

Wow. Underwhelmed.

Robin D. Laws was one of the reasons I fell in love with gaming. His advice was dull and summed up nicely only in the final paragraph.

Also, the forward mentioned "Play Unsafe" as a great book for GM Advice. Wow. No. "Play Dirty" is a great book for running games, not the lackluster "Play Unsafe."

Anyway, thanks for the review. It saves me some money until I have more and don't mind splurging in order to make the completest in me happy.

Mar. 8th, 2014


If I were fortunate to be published and discussed one day, I'd rather know my works were discussed in a classroom rather than Tweeted about.

I don't want to be on someone's Facebook page. I don't want to be on Twitter. I realize that isn't realistic, but it's good to have dreams. I see less and less value on-line each day. Maybe the Deep Net has something going for it, but it is probably just a cesspool of perversion and crime.

We have become a nation of gossiping idiots who have nothing important to say about events that don't matter and people who contribute little. It's not that I've become joyless. I'm just unable to be blind.

Why can't the world wake up? Don't worry about pathetic slights to race, religion, and what the Hell ever. Get a thick skin and grow the fuck up. There are real problems in the world. The good news is that I believe there are answers and sometimes even solutions to them. The bad news is that the huddled masses have a collective IQ of 80 and that number drops was cell phone stocks increase.

Seriously, when did we become such pampered little fucks? I wish it would all just burn down.


Sometimes you're bogged down with concerns about money, work, kids, love, and life. It is all a big mess of possibilities. Then, you see a Facebook post where a cute friend took a picture of herself in a bra on a motorcycle.

Thank God for distractions.

Jan. 1st, 2014

Day One

All of my friends say
I should move on
She's just another girl
Don't let her stick it to your heart so hard

Maybe all of my friends should confront
That I don't want
Another girl

Damn, I love me some Killers.

Oct. 28th, 2013


I feel her absence and don't like it one damn bit.

Oct. 26th, 2013

Yard Sales and Fang Fukt

The yard sale wasn't a total disaster, but I would have liked to see more traffic. The truth is that Alura and I mostly wanted things gone more than anything. I thought we had good stuff for a yard sale. Alura worked really hard to organize things and clean the appliances.

I woke up at two thirty. Ugh.

Also, Matt sent me the approval copy of his take with fang fukt. It looks to be a fine introduction.

Oct. 25th, 2013


I suppose the greatest thing about being unread is that I can say anything.


Tonight I feel I'm at the end of winning. The sole thing that offsets this crushing depression is my children. I realize it's a lot to put on them, but I have no satisfaction in my work, love in my relationship, or desire in my hobby. I believe I enjoyed ComicCon more because of vicariously living through Malachi's initial wonder of it all.

Right now, I just hate my life. It's not an emotional response. It's just a cool logical one that rings true.

Oct. 17th, 2013


Sorry, but I have no respect for Facebook, which means I view Twitter like the ugly little brother of a deeply retarded incest-born monkey molester.

Neither has a purpose. Hell, this blog doesn't have a purpose and I'm not even sure writing has much of a purpose anymore for that matter.

We, however, are going to focus on Twitter.

1. Our written language has been fucked for years. Twitter thought it could make it worse. They were right.
2. I've never happened upon a single tweet that mattered.
3. Posts are called tweets.
4. Hash tag rhymes with douche bag. Not a coincidence. Same amount of syllables. Both words rhyme enough to count. Just start referring tweets as douche bag posts and the clarity will come.
5. Ashton Kutcher was the celebrity (note: celeb isn't a word)who worked to make it popular. He is also known as primarily playing an idiot in movies and television. What if its not an act and Hollywood only brought him on board for his model like good looks. Only, wait, he just has the model good looks because that is what he used to be.
6. Every time you tweet, you could be doing something else that actually matters. I would rather see someone peddle drugs in a confessional booth rather than be on their phone there.
7. Cosplayers love the tech age. Girls who aren't pretty enough to just wear bikinis alone but are smart enough to realize that nerds jack off and grade on a generous curve are getting too mainstream. Save dress up for the bedroom and Halloween, future low-quality porn stars.
8. Twitter lets the terrorists win.
9. It isn't enough that I just hate it quietly. They advertise. I should advertise too. I can't even get away from them by throwing away all tech I own. I'd eventually buy a bag of Oreos and find that goddamn blue bird on it.
10. It makes me stick to my 99.99% plan. Sigh.

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